A Denim Jacket, Mules, and an Instagram mess


I had a pretty productive first day of spring, complete with a denim jacket, cute mules, some basil gelato, comfy temps, and an Instagram hack! Ya..my precious little page was kidnapped last night. It’s still there, but I can’t get in. If I can’t get my page back, I have a backup plan. And of course, you’ll be the first to know.

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)  Ugh, I need to talk about fashion to get my mind off of this. OOTD details below Denim is always in demand. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s extremely durable, stylish, and everybody can wear it! I’ve had this denim jacket since MIDDLE SCHOOL people, that’s almost 20 years ago. I got it from Express in the early 00’s, and it has kept its fit after all these years. Talk about a great buy!Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetIf there’s one shoe that’s totally dominating the feet of fashionistas everywhere, it’s the mule. Gucci is one brand that has taken this trend to a whole other level, with their luxurious Princetown Mule Slipper. They retail for about $595 to $1,000, and you can’t beat that Gucci quality. BUT if you’re unsure about this trend, Target offers a similar pair for less than $22! I’m wearing Target’s Kona Mules which are scary comfortable.  Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset My handbag is from Forever 21 and yes, I totally fell for the metal ring handle. Very retro.  Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetThe wind was blowing like a high powered fan in these shoots, and my hair didn’t stand a chance. I spent a lot of some time trying to control my hair’s crazy directions, like the first picture you probably saw above lol.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset Hair is finally tamed so I can showcase my go to aviators and black Madewell skinnies.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

“Oh great, I scuffed my shoe.”

There you have it,my first official OOTD for the spring season. Bare with me as I try to fix  this crazy Instagram bc I love having you guys in my social circle!

Warby Parker is in the air

Whether you’re searching for a new pair of sunnies this spring to protect your eyes from sun-rays and pollen intrusion, or you just want a cool look for the season Warby Parker has you covered.


The revolutionary eye wear company is springing into action so to speak, with their latest sunglasses styles for spring 2017. This season it’s all about embracing the new silhouettes and amping up the classics . Their current variety of shades range from ultra feminine acetate frames with saturated hues and patterns, to a more updated and laid back flat-brow frame.

Fun Fact: Warby Parker believes glasses should be simple and fun without breaking your budget, the majority of their frames start at $95! The brand also offers Home Try-On, where you select five frames to try for five days, and once your five days are up just ship them back. Cool huh?

Back to the frames:


Here are my favorite sunglasses styles from the line: The Margot, The Pearls, The Aubreys, The Moore, The Durand, The Madison, and The Fletcher.

Each style of frame has its own personality and distinct shape. I am absolutely obsessed with the tortoise styles especially the Margot, they are so Jackie O with a hint of mystique. Then there’s the selection of crisp blue frames above, that I’m convinced were exclusively designed for spring breezes, convertible rides, and white shirts. Speaking of white shirts, I created a lookbook filled with OOTD inspirations for each of my top frame picks!

Take a peak and get inspired, visit your Warby Parker location in store or online to grab your pick of sunglasses styles for the spring!



Bell Sleeves are the belle of the ball

Sometimes it pays to be a little over the top, especially when it comes to your OOTD!
For example, this sheer Marc Jacobs blouse with theatrical bell sleeves and intricate polka dots. Having a statement piece whether it’s clothing or accessories, is a great way to show off your personal style and stand out from the crowd.

To see how I styled my bell sleeves check out below!img_5763I traded in my leather jacket for this suede one by Elie Tahari to add some contrast to my #blackeverything ensemble. If I didn’t include the jacket I think the blouse would have gotten lost. That would be a damper.img_5760My ripped stretchy jeans from Target and French Connection patent leather ankle boots, never fail in the style and comfort department! Fun fact, if you stand above a vent wearing bell sleeves they’ll blow like the wind lol. Processed with VSCO with a6 presetJust casually leaning against this wall, nothing majorimg_5775Up close and personal with the details, pointy toes and allProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetHonestly, if this blouse didn’t have the pleated bell sleeves I probably wouldn’t have gotten it lol. They are such a fun little detail.img_5774Seriously, look at how they fan out! That’s exactly why I love bell sleeves. They allow you to play with your wardrobe and not take things too seriously. Try them out if you haven’t already, and let me know what you think!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Not so Manic Monday

They say retail therapy is good for the soul, and after witnessing the soul crushing Super Bowl loss of my Atlanta Falcons last night, I needed some shopping R&R. I’m only a serious football fan IF it involves my city, and it shocks people that I even care about a game at all! I suppose fashion girls only consider “swiping credit cards” a sport right? Lol smh..

Anyway, I spent today wondering the mall without any specific agenda, which in my opinion is the best way to shop. You aren’t looking for anything in particular and you can just appreciate the beauty of a good window display and Cinnabon.I always say, if you can’t think of a thing to wear just grab a leather jacket and a pair of jeans! It’s so simple, doesn’t scream  “Hi I’m overdressed!” and you still appear polished. For my accessories, I tied this trendy bandana around my neck and wore a beret to soften the look up.img_5406 You know those jeans you’ve worn so many times they’ve practically molded to your body, and make the rest of your jeans look like a bunch of fashion rejects? Well these jeans are my denim soul mates. It’s on my list to buy another pair of high waisted jeans this spring, but I can not let these go.img_5424If you’re wondering where I took my ootd shots, it’s in the store Z GallerieThey sell modern furnishings, chic artwork and accent pieces for your home. Their gallery section serves as a great backdrop for ootd pics too!img_5429-1 Later on, I ventured into Nordstrom to try on these sleek Ray – Bans in an attempt to convince myself I don’t need ANOTHER pair of aviators. In all fairness they did resemble my current pair, so with a heavy heart I left these alone. Or did I..?


So that was my not so manic Monday!

Pick me up at 8 ?

A typical Valentine’s Day usually consist of a box of chocolates, red roses, and candle light dinner, but that’s not the only way we can celebrate! With the day of love swiftly approaching, now is the perfect time to ditch those cliché date nights and be more daring.

Try these date night tips, and watch your relationship go from meh to #couplesgoals!

Visit an Art Gallery:

img_4868A lot of museums offer date nights where couples can casually admire artwork while sipping on champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Walking around a museum is a fun way to connect with that special person, in a beautiful and intimate atmosphere. Believe it or not, you can discover a lot about each other by how you interpret Vincent van Gogh!

Take a Mini Day Trip: 

Is your other half a true adventure seeker? Book your dream car using Turo, and take a day/weekend trip around the city! Turo is a company that allows you to rent vehicles  from the actual car owners or they can rent from you! Turo has an amazing selection of cars to choose from, and all renters and travelers are screened for your safety.  So if  you want to cruise around in a vintage American classic or take off in a futuristic Tesla, the choice is yours. Even if the two of you have seen everything and eaten everywhere, you never know what local hot spots are around the corner, waiting to be discovered in a sweet ride. As the Turo saying goes, “Rent the car own the adventure”.

Try Something New:

 Is there a skill the two of you want to conquer? Maybe try tackling the latest workout craze, or take a cooking and painting class. You can get closer while trying to survive a CrossFit obstacle, or share some laughs as you desperately attempt to roll homemade pasta, and channel your inner Monet.

See A Play:

Take a break from the latest box office hit, and see a play instead! It doesn’t have to be Hamilton, but catching a broadway show, opera or even improv, will allow you to let loose and experience something out of the norm. Whether it’s a Tony award winning production or a total snooze fest, at least you’ll have the memories, tunes, and inside jokes to carry you through. Plus, if you’re history buffs sometimes historical theaters offer tours! Venture off in a rental from Turo, and check some out!

 So next day night, hit pause button on the Netflix and explore something new!

Carry On..

In the realm of accessories land, most of us are either handbag or shoe obsessed. I am definitely more prone to the handbag. I’ll make a bee line to the handbag department and completely walk pass shoes AND clothes. It’s a real problem. I’m 100 percent certain it stems from my childhood, where all of my dresses came with matching mini purses. So of course, I’d become fixated with handbags, they were already staples in my closet before I turned five! I’m always intrigued by the bags we choose to carry, and how our needs, lifestyles, and style preferences vary from just a purse. I created a list below with visuals of course, of some of the most necessary bags we should own through out our fashion chapters. 

The black bag is our go to, our purse BFF.  It goes everywhere, matches with everything, transitions from day to night, camouflages exterior scuffs, carries our daily must haves, and basically serves as our rock. It can withstand anything.

(1) Rebecca Minkoff Tassel Shoulder Bag  (2) Proenza Schouler PS11 Shoulder bag (3) Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair  (4)Phillip Lim Pashli Patent Mini Satchel (4) Alexander Wang Mini Rocker Satchel (5) Rebecca Minkoff Regan Leather Satchel (currently on sale)

The investments don’t need an explanation, they aren’t going anywhere. If you are in the market for a timeless iconic bag, these are some of your best options in terms of longevity and gaining value over time.  When venturing into the designer market, it’s always smart to choose practical over “it bag”.  You’ll thank yourself in the long run. The Gucci Dionysus on the left is a newbie, but is on its way to becoming one of the brand’s most classic pieces.

(1) Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 (2) Balenciaga Classic Mini City Bag (3) Chanel Flap Shoulder Bag (You can find many vintage Chanel Flap Bags on notable sites like therealreal.com)  (4) Gucci Dionysus Gg Supreme Shoulder Bag (5) Prada Saffiano Double Zip Tote

I call the crossbody, the tomboy of handbags. They aren’t high maintenance, you can rough them up a bit, and they have this athletic vibe to them. They are ideal for weekends, date nights, workplace, you name it. Plus, the crossbody silhouette is one of the most popular styles at the moment. You can drink your iced coffee in one hand, while carrying  your groceries in another, as your crossbody elegantly drapes across your shoulder.

(1) Chloe Drew Crossbody (2) YSL Blogger Crossbody Bag (3) Street Level Black Crossbody  (4) Mango Pearl Crossbody (5) Gucci Original GG Crossbody (6) J.crew Signet Leather Crossbody

There will come a time in your life, expected or unexpected, where you’ll NEED a clutch. I can’t stress that enough.

(1) Prada Small Velvet Flap  (2) Jessica Mcclintock Lipstick Acrylic Crossbody Clutch (3)Bp Tassel Velvet Bag (4) Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Tassel Clutch Bag (5)Yoins Black and White Striped Box Clutch (6)Heidi Clear 2 In 1 Box Clutch

A few of my favorite things.. 

Its time to ring in the new year, but not before my gift haul! I promised I’d share a few Christmas gifts I received from my fam, so let’s get started before the ball drops and regular life starts again! 


Oh my goodness, glamorous is the only word that can describe this adorable little jewelry box I was given, complete with new accessories to fill it up with. You can NEVER have enough jewelry or jewelry boxes. Am I right?I received the perfect watch for my continuing minimalist phase.. along with some gorgeous earrings and ear cuffs.  I’ll definitely be wearing these constantly in 2017.img_4531


If these boots look familiar it’s because they were part of the Christmas list I posted a few weeks ago! I am obsessed with the unexpected tassels dangling in the back. These will go so well with the countless all back ensembles I’ll be wearing next year. Most likely starting January 1st.  img_4530

                                                  MORE STYLE BOOKS? YES PLEASE!

 The Little Back Book,  written by fashionista.com’s creator Sofie Valkie is filled with styling advice, fashion history, the do’s and dont’s of the industry and so much more.

Capture your Style, written by blogger powerhouse Aimee Song, offers pointers on how to transform your Instagram into a brand and properly grow a fashion platform. You guys, I haven’t put any of these down since the 25th. They’re so informative!And last but not least, I’m starting the year off right with a planner. I always jot things down in my phone only to accidentally delete everything. So my family apparently wanted me to get organized lol and gifted me a chic planner. I can physically write down, remember, and kept up with my life like an adult. Yay!

Thank you so much for sticking with B-Darielle, during 2016. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you! Can’t wait for what’s to come in 2017. xoxo

Cheers to 2017!

I’m just getting tacos

If clothes had a personality, fur would have RBF. Whether real or faux, it carries the stigma of being standoffish and cold. It’s merely a chicer way to stay warm without looking like a musher. Whatever your fur opinions are, that’s none of my business. I just find it amusing that fur in whatever state it is in, still captivates people.

I wear this black faux fur jacket consistently during the colder months, and there is always one person who assumes  I’m this aloof person or “I’m going somewhere special.” Really?

It’s only a jacket people. I’m just grabbing some tacos and don’t want to freeze on my way over there. So a warm STYLISH jacket makes sense, at least to me. As Kim Possible used to say “So not that drama”

img_4275I love pairing this coat with something low key like jeans and a t-shirt because its kind of unexpected. img_4304  I threw on a baseball cap, because I didn’t feel like perfecting a top knot just to dine on  tacos and guac.  img_4277-1

Just waiting on my tacos…

img_4276 A more detailed view of my coat. It actually comes with a hood attached, but I forgot to snap that. Oppsimg_4188

If you like this look, I’ve provided the links to where you can find similar pieces! Until then I pray you’ll have a Merry Christmas and indulge in many CCC’s aka, Christmas Cookie Calories! xoxo

Where to get the look!  

Nordstrom Fur Faux Jacket : J.Crew Perfect Fit T-Shirt : Lace Camisole Top  Madewell High Waisted Jeans : Kenneth Cole High Tops  

It’s Gift Guide Season! 

When I started to think about the holiday season and my must haves for this time of the year, I started to put together a holiday gift guide. I came across www.adoreme.com which is an exclusively online shop, delivering chic underwear, sleepwear, lingerie, activewear and more! Take their style quiz to find what fit suits you, and stay in their social circle on Instagram @ adoreme.  

Here are 12 items I’d love under my tree, and hopefully you will too!

  1. Exaggerated sweaters are all the rage this season, and this Flared Sleeves Bow sweater $80 from Mango, is too adorable. Everybody knows sweaters aren’t complete without a stunning pair of boots. The infamous Stuart Weitzman Highland Over-the-knee boots $798 and Gucci Marmont Ankle Boots $750 will not disappoint Christmas morning. I’m certainly praying Santa feels extra generous this year. 😉

2. Keep your friends and family on trend this season, with the Suede Effect Jacket $99 from Zara. I love channeling my inner rocker and the Maddox Studded Buckle Booties $195, by Rebecca Minkoff are a must have.

3. Another Zara selection is this flirty Frilled Tulle Top  $50, maybe add a pair of “Sadee” Lace -Up boots $150 from Nordstrom’s Halogen Line.

4. Clothes are great gifts and all, but you have to think about what goes underneath them!  www.adoreme.com has that checked off, with a colorful variety of panties  like the Keila Hipster and Ebony Unlined, with matching bralette. Who would pass that up?

5. Is traveling one of your New Year’s resolutions? It’s definitely mine. Get ahead start with the Calpak Astyll  30inch spinner & 22inch spinner luggage set for $265. It comes in white and black marble, so chic!

6. This MAC Nutcracker Sweet Pink Lipstick Kit $35  is something every beauty guru will fa la la la over. It comes with FOUR bonbon pink lipstick shades in a colorful festive box set.

Ok, off to the next set!

7. I’m back with the sweaters! These flared sleeves sweaters $50 from Mango, are great gifts for yourself, your bestie, or cousins! They come in two colors, heather grey and beige. I’d top them off with a cute beret $12.99 from H&M.

8. This circular Forever 21 Genuine Suede Cross-body  $24.90, is a great bag to sling over the shoulder or wear while counting down to midnight. I’m in desperate need for a belt, and I may treat myself to a timeless Interlocking Gucci Belt $330. What do you think?

9. Raise your hand if you need another set of Pajamas. You can’t see, but my hand is raised very high lol. Gift yourself or your BFF www.adoreme.com super soft Matilda Pajama set from their sleepwear line. Don’t forget the Margherita bralette and boy short set, from their bras and panties too. It’s a cool and causal spin on everyday underwear, lined with the AdoreMe logo, they are perfect for carefree days!

10. How about a style book, from a New York Time’s best seller? Love Style Life by Garance Doré, makes a great addition to your library and is great for the fashionable bookworm in your life. You can find it on Amazon for $20.40. While you are at it, add The Coveteur :Private Spaces, Personal Style to your shopping cart. It’s a coffee table book that offers a view into the closets and homes of some of fashion’s most influential people.

11.The Kelsey Robe by www.adoreme.com, has chillaxing movie day written all over it. Except you’ll look super chic while indulging in popcorn and cookie butter. Afterwards, up your exercise game with their line of activewear, like the Chiti Jogger Set. It’s great for heading to crossfit or lunch with your bestie!

12.  Hammitt Los Angeles makes some the most effortlessly LA chic handbags on the market. The Tony Cross-body $165 comes in 17 colors, holds your basic essentials, and comes in buttery leathers and smooth suedes.  Last but not least, are these unique metal candle stick holders $6.99 from H&M’s home line . Perfect if you know any newlyweds celebrating their first Christmas together, or need a Christmas party present!


 There you have it, my 12 Christmas must haves for the 2016 season!

Style Tips & A Sneaker Story

How can we keep it casual, without looking like we spent all day Netflix binging? I’ve been getting that question a lot lately, and decided to offer a few tips on how to stay stylish, even while pushing that shopping cart on weekend errands.

img_3484Looking casual isn’t an excuse to look sloppy, I’m sure you’ve heard me say that multiple times lol. You can stay stylish by just pairing statement pieces with causal wear. It’s that simple! For example: I’m wearing an ordinary sweatshirt, with a cool french saying on the front. So it’s not so basic, and somewhat interesting. You can wear a sweatshirt or t-shirt with a nice graphic, or funky sleeves, and it will automatically look like you tried. (Even if you didn’t)me-sneakers

Also, on low key days try experimenting with your makeup. Opt for a smokey eye or a bold lip. I’m wearing Retro Matte liquid lip color by MAC in the shade High Drama. Its perfect if you are searching for a fall shade.img_3486Use your casual day to sport a chic handbag you’d normally save for work. I use this bag daily, but the chunky gold chain, adds some life to my grey and black pallet.

img_3484A cool pair of shades, can make a huge difference too just by flattering your face.img_3481If leggings are your go to leg wear, maybe try some leather ones! Leather isn’t exactly the first fabric we think of when going casual, it’s a nice u-turn from the yoga pant.img_3496

And last but not least, in the words of Tim Gunn “Make it work”

Cont below, if you want to know the story behind my sneakers!

img_3497I found these cool kicks on zulily.com for just $13! They had this Chanelesque appeal to them, with the cool tweed inspired detailing. I couldn’t pass them up, not for that price. However, these were not the chic chanelesque shoes I thought. My brother knows sneakers, and was curious to see the ones I’d bought, especially since I never buy them. The first thing he said was, “Bianca those look EXACTLY like Kanye West’s sneakers.” Huh? img_3472I. HAD. NO. IDEA. My brother found it hilarious, but I found it mortifying. I bought them because they reminded me of a tweed jacket, you know..Coco Chanel! Don’t you see it?! Well, I ended up keeping them anyway because truth is they are adorable, very light, and go with everything. So if you are in the market for Kayne sneakers, but aren’t willing to splurge or just want some shoes with personality, look no further than zulily. Lol smh.

There you have it! My misleading sneaker story, and casual Sunday style pointers. How do you keep it casual?